Why Go For A Premium Powerbank?

We Singaporeans don’t spend more than is necessary, and there is good reason for that. We are ranked 7th most expensive city to live in according to a recent study.

Money is truly hard-earned. So why should we spend more money on a powerbank?


For one, a premium powerbank tends to last longer, with an estimated 500 cycles. Depending on the capacity and how you use it, that can be 1.5 to 2.5 years.

It means not spending $20-30 every 3 months and hoping it works on the flight. One such flight didn’t make it this year – burning powerbank.


Let’s do the math – $70 on a premium powerbank vs $120 on different powerbanks over the same period of 1.5 years. You save $50.

In fact, a lot of our customers have 6 (!) or more powerbanks to trade-in with us.


Price is usually a good indicator for product quality, QC, and assurance. Our powerbanks come with a 1-for-1 warranty of 1 year, automatically valid upon purchase.

You don’t lose more than $69 that year on powerbanks, as long as you can show purchase proof.


Money apart, it is bad for the environment to purchase that many plastic shells in a short period of time. Sadly, demand leads to supply, and worse environmental damage.

You can go green with us through a trade-in program that helps to salvage and reduce e-waste, and save money on premium powerbanks at the same time!