Why does it fail to fast-charge?

Did your powerbank fail to fast-charge right out of the box? Do you know why it failed to fast-charge?

The quality of the charging depends on 3 factors : the input (powerbank or adapter), the output device (handphone,for example) and the conductor – the cable. Fast-charging works when a good input is used with a good conductor, and then achieves at least 18W of consistent charging.

Sometimes the free cable they give only enables 5W of charging. When paired with a 20W powerbank, the result is only one-quarter of what the powerbank can output.

In our experience, the cable is often the culprit. That’s why we give you a good cable when you purchase our powerbank. And if you use the iPhone, you can also purchase a good cable from us, with 12-months warranty.

We are now accepting cable trade-ins! You can get 50% off any one of our cables.  Simply key in “upgrade” in your shopping cart when you check out. Our courier will come to collect your faulty cable when they deliver your new fast-charging cable.

Minimum length of trade-in cable is 1 meter. Other than this requirement, all cables are welcome.