100W 20,000mAh PowerPRO Lite


  • This is the 20,000mAh version of the PowerPRO
  • PPS (Programmable Power Supply) Fast-charging enabled (tap power buttons 5 times)
  • PD 100W Fast-charging – capable of Super Fast-Charging 2.0
  • Safe for Travel with Wh (watt hour) rating clearly printed on product (99.99Wh)
  • Fast-charge multiple devices at once, including laptops, tablets and phones
  • 1-1 Replacement on 12-months warranty (24/7 local support)
  • Express Delivery In 1-3 Working Days
  • The PowerPRO Set Includes:
    • PD 100W USB C – C Cable worth $38
    • PowerPRO Hard Case worth $15

Our Most Powerful Powerbank ever!

The Capacity for More

Super-fast Charging 2.0 with Programmable Power Supply (PPS)

100W of power stored in 27,000mah capacity

Your Ideal Travel Companion

99.99Wh and 27,000mAh for a long flight

Up to 2 full charges on your powerful laptop

Automatic Temperature Monitoring

Protects against overheating

PowerPro will reduce output above 40 degree Celsius to operate cooler

Cordless Laptop Charging

No need to bring adapters and long cables around

True Freedom to Create

Tough and Safe

Charge with peace of mind

Casing made of fireproof PC-ABS material, as used in cars

Convenient 24/7 Local Support

100% Born-and-bred Singaporean Brand 

Activate support anytime you need. Quick 1-to-1 exchange on warranty. 

The POWERPRO Package

1x PowerPRO Powerbank
1x 1M 100W PD LED Display USB-C cable (worth $32)
1x Portable hard cover

Key Specification

Battery Type:
Premium Grade Li-Polymer Battery

USB Output:
4.5V/5A, 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

Type C Input/Output:
5V x 2.4A ; 9V x 3A ; 12V x 3A, 15V x 3A ; 20V x 3.25A; 20V x 5A



Charging Time:
~2.5 Hours (Using 30W Adapter)
Up to 500 times full cycle

LED Digital Display

Housing Material:
Fireproof PC – ABS

Our Happy Customers

Let's hear what our customer has to say about us

Highly recommended powerbank. Bought 6 so far and all are good and long lasting.
Rashid Osman
Rashid Osman
07:40 27 Nov 23
Great portable and bought it at the sale and it was worth it!
Cabrina Low
Cabrina Low
06:12 14 Nov 23
Bought a power bank from them during an IT Show as they were offering very afforadable and high quality powerbanks.Unfortunately my powerbank ran into some problems afterwards, before that everything was working as intended.Got in contact with ELON X TECH and had it replaced without any hassle, the powerbank is then working again as per usual. Big thanks to the team for the swift assistance and I would definitely recommend them
Jonathan Edward Lahey
Jonathan Edward Lahey
10:17 08 Nov 23
Good quality products. Price is high but worth it to invest if looking to get very good powerbank. Received it in good condition and came as advertise. Highly recommended.
Joshua Lim Fang Wei
Joshua Lim Fang Wei
04:29 06 Nov 23
Excellent and highly recommended!!! Fast delivery and great customer service.Thank-you
hilmi hussain
hilmi hussain
02:56 06 Nov 23
Bought 2 AAA and 3 AA batteries. All charged up well and working fine. Good affordable buy via Lazada. Will buy more. Seller is good and followed up to update on status that products were delivered.
Jane Lee
Jane Lee
14:26 05 Nov 23
Just bought cable from Comex, really a good cable! As for 10-10 Sale, quick delivery and received in good quality. Very good packaging which protected the items. Quality is superb, working as expected, just do hope to durable and long lasting, as first time buying the PowerBank!!
Patrick Pu
Patrick Pu
04:44 29 Oct 23
Bought my power bank @ Elon and Love the sleek look 😁 will be looking forward to buy other accessories in the near future ☺️Great customer service as well 👍🏻
Edward Kiew
Edward Kiew
07:23 25 Oct 23
I previously purchased 2 x Gen 2 10k MAH power banks and were quite impressed with its size and charging speed. Saw the 10.10 sale and grabbed another 4 x Gen 3 10k MAH power banks for my whole family before our November overseas trip. The customer service is impressive and has always been very responsive to all my queries.
Josh Yoo
Josh Yoo
06:35 23 Oct 23
Product is good, aesthetically nice as well. Most importantly, customer service is helpful and friendly! Reliable brand
Danny Koh
Danny Koh
06:01 23 Oct 23

Used their 20k PB for a 165km cycle. After 14hrs, came home with a fully charged handphone. PB left 46%! Thumbs up! Solid product

New update as of 11 August, one of the PB had some technical issue. Reported to support and was granted 1 to 1 exchange. Super solid aftersales service!!! Huat ah! I even bought one more!
Ian Clover Amos Asher
Ian Clover Amos Asher
10:59 21 Aug 21
Got the 20k and 10k batt. The 10k batt follows me everywhere, everytime I go for long rides on my bike. I use multiple apps on my phone when riding and it really saps lot of power, but with the fast charging capability of the batt, my phone is always in check! Not only using it for my phone, I also charge my bike lights and my JBL Speaker Charge 2+ on the move 👍🏻 Bought since January '21 ♥️ them both.
Zureiaf Eed
Zureiaf Eed
09:01 22 Aug 21
Delivery was very fast. Ordered today n get it the next day even though was promises within 5 days. Product was slick looking. Charging is very fast as said. Surely will recommend the powerbank to my friends n family.
Erwan Wirziana
Erwan Wirziana
14:12 04 Jun 22
Great. Quick delivery and response from the team and they took the initiative to inform on warranty and other products.
Worth a try if you’re getting a new powerbank

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Jordan Tan
Jordan Tan
01:02 21 Jun 22
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Curt Watts
Curt Watts
19:09 22 Jan 23
Ordered the gen 3 20k powerbank in green,and I am so happy to received it today together with the 65w power adapter, can't wait to try both products.
Alex Kusanagi Ong
Alex Kusanagi Ong
14:56 11 Apr 23
First purchase. Fast delivery in 3 working days! 10,000 Gen3 power bank is very light and good to carry around!
Jack Teo
Jack Teo
13:23 13 Jul 23
got the Gen3 10000Mah powerbank and I must say it looks and feel good. Works like a gem
Adrian Kwek
Adrian Kwek
13:08 22 Jun 23
Excellent customer service and I was very Happy with the service.
Charging is very fast as mention.
Highly recommended!
Claudia Tan
Claudia Tan
15:43 09 May 23
Very good powerbank! So far one of the best in the market. Keep up the good product. Have been introducing my friends to buy the powerbank.
Very durable and long lasting. My last purchase was the gen 1. Still usable but decide to upgrade it
Melvin Teo
Melvin Teo
14:10 28 Jan 23