100W 20,000mAh PowerPRO Lite


  • This is the 20,000mAh version of the PowerPRO
  • PPS (Programmable Power Supply) Fast-charging enabled (tap power buttons 5 times)
  • PD 100W Fast-charging – capable of Super Fast-Charging 2.0
  • Safe for Travel with Wh (watt hour) rating clearly printed on product (74Wh)
  • Fast-charge multiple devices at once, including laptops, tablets and phones
  • 1-1 Replacement on 12-months warranty (24/7 local support)
  • Delivery In 3-5 Working Days
  • The PowerPRO Set Includes:
    • PD 100W USB C – C Cable worth $38
    • PowerPRO Hard Case worth $15
  • Add on cables (optional)

    Samsung/Android Cables


    iPhone Cables


    ElonCare (extended warranty)

Our Most Powerful Powerbank ever!

The POWERPRO Package

1x PowerPRO Powerbank
1x 1M 100W PD LED Display USB-C cable (worth $28)
1x Portable hard cover

Key Specification

Battery Type:
Premium Grade Li-Polymer Battery

USB Output:
4.5V/5A, 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

Type C Input/Output:
5V x 2.4A ; 9V x 3A ; 12V x 3A, 15V x 3A ; 20V x 3.25A; 20V x 5A



Charging Time:
~2.5 Hours (Using 30W Adapter)
Up to 500 times full cycle

LED Digital Display

Housing Material:
Fireproof PC – ABS

Our Happy Customers

Let's hear what our customer has to say about us

I am really impressed by the customer service of this company and the power bank is great. I have purchased a 2nd one for my family as the product is really good.
Hock Chye Chern
Hock Chye Chern
09:29 13 May 24
I have been using the ElonX Tech 20000mah power bank for over 18 months. I must clarify that I have been using it on a daily basis for the most part. (You can see it from the pic, the daily abuse I had on it) Surprisingly, the powerbank still holds its charge after 1.5 years, where the other brands like Xiao Mi mostly died a natural death after 12 months of continuous use. My best guess is the quality of the Lithium Polymer batteries used in the manufacturing plays a key role for the durability. I just made a second purchase of the same powerbank for my daughter who kept borrowing mine.
Lawrence Yeo
Lawrence Yeo
09:11 06 May 24
Bought a few power banks and cables from them. They are not the most cheap ones but the quality is top notch.The customer service is polite and responsive and it was a pleasant experience to just communicate with them.
Tee Ee Han
Tee Ee Han
08:23 02 May 24
Best charging cable I have tried and it’s affordable too! Love the new Elon X Tech USB connectors with a display to show the status of power being supplied! That’s just amazing!!! I changed all my cables to Elon X Tech cables!!!
kevin shanmugam
kevin shanmugam
03:11 30 Apr 24
All in all, I have purchased 5 power banks for each member of the family. This speaks volumes about Elon Tech power banks. When one of my power banks has charging issues, I quickly contact the company via WhatsApp and help is rendered. I am giving them 5 star for their products and 5 stars for after sales service.
Jean Yong
Jean Yong
08:27 22 Apr 24
This is my second purchased with this company. Their power-banks not only can charge multiple devices, but comes with fast charging capabilities. Some of the power-banks comes with cable and case too. Best part, one can trade in old/spoilt power bank for discount. Their customer service (via WhatsApp) is responsive and helpful. Will surely patronise sometime soon. Keep up the good job @elton
Andrew ee
Andrew ee
01:39 22 Apr 24
The best powerbank I have! Lightweight and fast charge, with nice colours. 👍
Pauline Teo
Pauline Teo
23:13 20 Apr 24
Couldn't be happier with my desktop charger from Elon X Tech! It's sleek, efficient, and keeps all my devices juiced up without cluttering my space. The fast charging capabilities are a game-changer, and the design blends seamlessly with my desk setup. Thanks to Elon X Tech, charging has never been more convenient!
Perry Lim
Perry Lim
00:56 19 Apr 24
Great! I went there to exchange my product and they were very friendly about it. They also check everything to help see what was the issue. I had a problem with one of my items but was able to exchange the whole thing! Other than the warrenty, the product is honestly great. I got the G3 10k powerbank and it's able to charge my phone's twice before it completely runs out. Definitely recommend this product
loke lagu
loke lagu
09:06 16 Apr 24
Michael Yeo
Michael Yeo
10:52 27 Mar 24