Quality Requires Investment

It takes a vision, effort and some capital to make a quality product above the market average.
It goes without saying that a market leader must be significantly better than the next best thing.

This is a tall order, and we are hoping that you might be keen to lend your capital to our best efforts.

Pledge Benefits

20% of Pledge amount as E-credits

If you invest $500, you get 100 E-credits.

You can use the E-credits to offset the half of the subtotal amount of any purchase.
(You can use 50 E-credits on a $100 subtotal bill, usable after coupon codes)

Your pledged amount will be returned to you 1 year after funding close date.
This is a guaranteed promise. You will get your money back.

You cannot un-pledge any time before repayment date.
We have decided on this from the start, so that funds remain available, and we can keep things moving forward
on a schedule, and not be interrupted. Allowing early withdrawals would disturb our operations.

We encourage you to start connected with us through our weekly EDM, social media, and our website to see
what we are up to. This way, you know your money is being put to good use.

Year 4 Plans

The product is our priority.

We want to dish out a good product that everyone would be happy with.
Fast-charging, lightweight, convenient size, and good looks. This will be our GEN4 powerbank.

After perfecting the product, we aim to expand our marketing to reach more users, new and old,
and find new ways to bring you more savings. Gold Member benefits will constantly be reworked as we figure
how to balance profitability and giving back to you.

All in all, this looks to be an exciting year.
We are already in a much better office, and so far the future looks bright for us.
We hope to see you on board.