3 Main Things To Look For In A Powerbank


The powerbank market is saturated with choices, from the cheap to the premium. How do you make a choice that suits your purpose and your wallet? We look at 3 main criteria.



Are you using it for yourself, on a day to day basis? Or must your family share in using it?

10,000mAh is good enough if you are just using it for yourself daily, as part of the working routine. It is lighter, as well as lighter on your wallet.

If you are passing it around your family, you will get more kick out of a 20,000mAh. It can charge 3-4 full charges of a handphone on each charging cycle.



A slow powerbank helps nobody – we need to use our handphone, and soon! Check whether it is at least 20W. That is the minimum standard for fast-charging today, whether you use an Android or an Apple.



When you buy a powerbank, and you don’t even know where it is coming from, where are you going to protest when it doesn’t work?

Unpleasant surprises is the cost of cheap goods.

Save your money by buying something that has a local warranty. They should have a local office that serves you, and get back to you in a matter of days, at minimum. Your money should be protected, as should your peace of mind.