What You Will Get Out Of The PowerCharge

“Is this powerbank good?” is often what we hear most when we present our product in person. 

If we were to meet in our (often hot-selling) event, I would say this to you:

1) It is extremely lightweight and portable

Feel for yourself how light the whole thing is. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while boasting 20watts of charging power. 

2) Guaranteed to fast-charge

Once you plug the receiving end to your handphone, the PowerCharge activates immediately and you see the signature lightning icon on the Powerbank. It won’t light up when you use a normal cable. The consistent fast-charging is our pride. 

3) You are in luck if you are travelling! 

You need look no further if you need a powerbank for travel. It is guaranteed safe for travel at less than 100Wh. Plus, no luggage is too small for the PowerCharge. 

4) Low electricity “leakage”

The PowerCharge retains its power so well that it will not drop by more than 2% in a month! Talk about electricity cost savings! This is due to the high grade lithium-polymer batteries in it. 

5) Good capacity

6000mAh is not enough. 30,000mah is probably excessive. We hit a sweet-spot of 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh, more than enough to last your phone 24hours or more. The 10,000mAh version will fully charge a flat phone, and still have reserves. 

6) A vote for Earth

We use minimum packaging for our powerbanks. We use recyclable ingredients in our powerbanks, which are salvaged for its rare metal parts when you return to us on a trade-in. Each year we take in thousands of powerbanks (mostly other brands)  to properly dispose of e-waste and salvage workable parts. Let us consume less plastics and do a small part for Earth. 


So, with these 6 factors above, we definitely feel that this powerbank is “good”.