What is Gallium Nitride?

Gallium Nitride is a man-made compound. It can be created by inserting ammonia gas into molten gallium at 900 to 980C. The result is a yellow powder that has gallium and nitrogen atoms arranged in a crystal structure. 

We will skip the rest of the science to tell you what it does in our product, the 65W Gallium Nitride (GaN) Adapter. 


1) Cooler charging temperature

Don’t like your devices heating up? This is the charger for you. The GaN Adapter can transfer more power while remaining cool because it is more efficient. Heating is a by-product of less energy-efficient materials. 

2) Faster charging speed

Enough power delivery to charge up your laptop. Not all adapters have the power to charge up laptops ; it’s not just a matter of buying the right cable. Power requires a minimal charge to get working and the 65W adapter is tested to charge all laptops. 

3) More power with less energy costs

The efficient power transfer in GaN offers a higher power transfer, at a lower temperature (energy-efficient) and uses up less energy. It can’t do magic on your electric bills but it won’t be accused of being a main culprit either.

4) Fast-charge 2 devices at once

You can charge your laptop and handphone quickly at the same time, sharing a power output of 65W.